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Sunday, August 23rd, 2009 by Darin Robbins

The following is my presentation at the 2009 Green Fest.

We are gathered together, both here and within the Green Party overall, because we want to engage in the great political work of the day. It is a day that is truly benighted where peace, civil liberties, communities, and our own environment is threatened by a comprehensive system of power. If we are to fight this power then there is the necessity to understand its operation, how it functions and consolidates its influence to such a degree that at first blush it seems impossible to oppose it. This is where theory comes in as a supplement to political action. I will give some examples of what theory can do to enrich our work, and illustrate that theory is not only an embellishment or flavoring to action, but a vital binding agent that makes our actions sensible.

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Sunday, August 2nd, 2009 by Darin Robbins

The following is part three of a series that explores various current economic aspects in a way that illustrates the possibility for new alternatives rather than mapping out detailed new plans.

The cooperative is the epitome of economic democracy, as well as the direct alternative to the corporation. The corporate model has existed for so long, since the creation of the British East India Company in 1600, that it has firmly entrenched itself into the unconscious of humans living within capitalism. Corporations have subsumed attempts to fight it throughout history and has incorporated a false language of freedom without any structural background behind it. The cooperative, in contrast, may at first appear utopian or idealistic. But the cooperative, as the expression of economic democracy, is a working assemblage of a principle that empowers humans much more than being mediated by undemocratic corporations and a commodified culture. To understand the importance of a particular cooperative in a community, it is vital to understand the relationship of economic democracy to the idea of democracy in general.

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Monday, July 13th, 2009 by Darin Robbins

2010 is fast approaching. For the Green Party of New York State that means a chance to regain ballot status. We need to find a slate of candidates who will best represent our core values and also excite the people of NY. We are hoping to announce our candidates by February 2010, which means we need to start thinking about the selection process now.
Our candidate for Governor is the key to future ballot access. If s/he receives at least 50,000 votes then all GP candidates for all offices in NY State will have ballot status in subsequent elections, at least until the next race for Governor, without the onerous petitioning requirements we have now. (Ballot-status parties have dramatically reduced petitioning requirements.) Ballot status also gives us more standing politically when we ask to be included in debates, seek coverage in the news media, etc.

In addition to a candidate for Governor our statewide slate should include Lieutenant Governor, Comptroller, Attorney General, and two US Senate campaigns. (Chuck Schumer is up for re-election in 2010 and there will also be an election for the seat vacated by Hillary Clinton when she became US Secretary of State).

We’re asking Greens from around NY to help us find candidates who are up to the challenge ahead. Each should be willing and able to campaign everywhere in NY, a state with a large and diverse geography. Individuals need not have statewide name recognition, at least not at the outset. We have also had good experiences with candidates who are less well-known at the start. What’s most important is to find those who can deliver a strong message that resonates with voters who might be sympathetic to the goals and perspectives of the Green Party.

We hope that several possibilities will emerge for each office, giving NY Greens an opportunity to select the candidates best suited to act as our spokespeople during the campaign and, if elected, as our representatives while in office.

Please discuss possibilities with your families, friends, political associates. Each member of the Green Party should freely approach individuals to find out if they might be willing to put their names forward. If there are people you think would be good candidates, and if they are willing to run, please ask them to submit their names and contact info to Campaign Committee Co-chairs Gloria Mattera at gmattera@gmail.com or Michael Emperor at BrooklynEmperor@yahoo.com.

Feel free to contact Michael Emperor at 347-403-0892 if you have any questions about this letter or about the process of Green Party state-wide candidate selection for 2010.

Thank you,
Gloria Mattera & Michael Emperor
Campaign Committee of GPNYS